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It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday morning in April. I awoke with great anticipation about the journey and adventure that awaited me in just a few hours. For nearly nine months, I had been dreaming, planning, organizing, scheduling and finalizing the details for the "trip of a lifetime". All the preparations had been completed. Now the clock would takeover, and begin to set me on a course that would take me headed West out of Washington, D.C. - and around the world.
I sent an email from each country I visited to family, friends and former work colleagues back in the U.S., including a brief narrative of my travel experiences and a few pictures. In this book, you will see the original emails I sent, including a special selection of the many thousands of pictures I took along the way.  

Enjoy and Wish You Were Here!

Book Reviews

First a Dream, Then a Reality!
This book was a page turner from the very beginning. The humorous introduction sets the stage for this author's amusing journal of his trip of a lifetime. If you have ever dreamed about setting out on an adventure to visit far away places, read this book about a man who not only dreamed, but actually did it.

An Excellent Adventure!
We loved this book especially now that we can’t travel to any of these places. The photography is excellent. It sits on our coffee table and when guests pick it up they can’t put it down. Bravo!

This is a Travelers Guide
I loved reading about the trip of a lifetime and experiencing it vicariously in the author's words and images. The prose spoke to my gypsy heart and I felt like I was along for the ride. If you can't hop on a plane to be there at this instant, then please read this  book!


Travel with me to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Dubai, Egypt and the South of France. 

Wish You Were Here!

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